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'for the fire in your belly'

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Image by Sydney Sims


At Fuelled by Yoga, we start with asana but if you are able to make time and space for yourself to have a regular and honest practice deepening your connection to the Self through exploration, you will undoubtedly reap the benefits of this wonderful discipline. 

Simply put, you get out of it what you put in.  


Yoga is a transformative practice that evolves, unfolds and deepens.

Some people have come to my teaching over inflexibility or those who were recommended by a doctor.  I have taught professional footballers and a figure skater and runners, physiotherapists, yoga teachers, lawyers, children and elderly populations, office based workers and business owners all of whom stress levels and yoga goals were different.  I have people in class with varying restricted, normal and hypermobile ranges of motion.

Previous individual, couple and families in private sessions have included clients with IBS/low mood; arthritis/gout; weight concerns; addiction issues; slipped disc and back pain problems and post-polio syndrome.  

You are more than just a physical body

It really doesn’t matter whether you happen to be very inflexible or have a super bendy body.  Once you recognise your restrictions and limitations you can work towards or maintain your optimal level of stability. Yoga is much much more than the physical body anyway, more than a system of bones and muscles, levers and hinges.  Flexibility of the mind and deciding to take the first step, having a willingness to learn and explore and of course, recognising one’s ability to love and share the love with others is what this beautiful discipline is about.  

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