Hot yoga in a studio, heartwarming and refreshing


Stillness and Strength or vinyasa flow classes in a hot yoga studio.  Click onto the FeelWellbeing.co.uk website and look out for my name when I cover as a Guest Teacher.  


Remember to bring a towel and a bottle of water as you feel the wonderful heat in these classes.  

If you fancy more flow than staying still then vinyasa classes may be just the ticket.  Vinyasa yoga gives you the opportunity to flow through poses using your breath as a metronome. 


Faster vinyasas enable you to turn up the dial and you know you have had a workout.  Slow vinyasa can be a therapeutic dance of moving meditation, where poses can be refined and strengthened. It allows you the to create space for a reflective pause and time to go inwards

Warming the muscles helps prevent injury whilst sweating helps wash those toxins away.  You will leave feeling refreshed, revived and ready for the day ahead having known you worked your body in a way it knows it can.


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