'for the fire in your belly'


(Reading Material)

Image by Jatin Jangid

The physical practices of yoga are just a part of a wider discourse.  

Reading material will provide you with something tangible to reflect upon.  You can continue your practice at your leisure and look back on your progress or on areas you would like to focus on.    


For example as a beginner, after a while, you may feel you have been given a good enough grounding to take your practice forward yourself and/or wish to join a group yoga session.  


Perhaps you can no longer afford long-term private tuition or simply want to try something different.   Maybe your schedule has changed, or the niggle you had has gone.  


After ten sessions, in case you don’t want to forget what you have been taught


I offer two levels of after care support.

Package One

Printed material of the asanas you have been taught. This will include the names of the poses in English and Sanskrit, and the benefits/contra-indications of each pose.

Cost: £55.00

Package Two 


As with Package One but including 12 individualised lesson plans, as you gain confidence who knows, maybe you may even be able to mix and match - to devise your own sequences.


Cost: £135.00