'for the fire in your belly'


 'The asana is not the yoga..... yoga is the residue

the asana leaves in your nervous system.'

Modern Yoga as it is known in the West took off in the late 1890s, when Indian monks began spreading their knowledge to the Western world for the first time.

Yoga is frequently solely perceived of a something to be done on a mat. Yoga asana (poses) are the physical component of a yoga practice.  It has however evolved in the West to be the dominant representation of what is a rather complex and intricate 5000+ year discipline. In fact, in original classical Sanskrit spiritual texts yoga asanas are rarely if mentioned at all.  


With Fuelled by Yoga, if you so wish. I can tell you a little more or point you in the right direction for your practice. Some people like to learn how to headstand for the sake of learning how to do a handstand, technically I can teach you that.  Others come to find inner peace, express gratitude, find a connection with the earth.  Whilst only you can make this happen, I can provide you with some theoretical readings which will contribute to your bank of knowledge and help you to develop. 


I add in anthropological insights to my work, for example.  


The image of the front of my website depicts an ascetic Shaiva sadhu. This Aghori sect engage in post-mortem rituals and often dwell in chapel grounds.  They smear creation ashes and use bones from human corpses for crafting jewellery.  


Whilst we do Downward Dog, the Aghori challenge taboos in order to transcend the boundaries that divide humanity.


As for the elephant image that adorns these pages, he is known as Ganesh (or Ganesha) - a widely worshipped Hindu god of wisdom and good fortune. Worship of Ganesh  is thought to bring prosperity, success and protection.  In yoga he represents survival and material well-being.  In Hatha yoga there are three asanas associated with Ganesa's energy - Sukhasana, Balasana and Trikonasana .  I can teach you these and explain why he is portrayed as a fat man with the head of an elephant if you like. 

What is Yoga.....Yoga is life, in all its complexity. 

Image by Bhumil Chheda
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