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A little more about me

I live in Hertfordshire with my three teenagers. We have a big orange wirehaired vizsla called Wilf and amongst the jobs I have had, one of my favourites was being a dogwalker (I totally love dogs).  When I'm not out walking or on my yoga mat I enjoy studying and try to practice yoga in my daily life - that's where my heart is really - fascinated by consciousness and the many ways we can work together be kind to each other and help one another.   We are often led to believe we must compete against one another or for resources but I try to have an abundance mindset and express gratitude for that which I already have. I've realised that the health and happiness of others is paramount in my own yogic journey and I am blessed to have found my path in life and to share it with you for you to discover yours. 


Anyone who knows me knows I love all things YOGA. I eat, sleep and breathe it. Being an anthropologist, I am fascinated by people and to what makes us tick.  I'm not just interested in the bright bubbly side but also look to those darker moments which, once illuminated, help us to connect with each other. When creating bespoke yoga programmes I therefore delve a little to find out a bit about you and your lifestyle. The more of a connection you can make between your own mind, body and spirit, the greater enjoyment and progress you can make along your yoga path, I am here just to guide you.  So, whether it be working towards a headstand, working up a sweat with a complete full body vinyasa flow workout, focusing on your hamstrings, practicing your backbends or simply sitting quietly in meditation, I will try to help you in your journey.  

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Oaklands Grange, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL4 0NT