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Common Reservations

Too fast/too slow

There are many different styles of yoga.  Choose the ones to suit you. One day you may fancy something fast to get the heart rate going and sometimes you may feel like taking it a little easier. I teach a few styles.


A regular practice in a safe environment going at your pace will enable you to absorb what you need , when you need it.


I have aches and pains and am all fingers and thumbs

Yoga serves to soothe you and your perception of pain by tending to the central nervous system.  Plus we work on your proprioception.


I'm too embarrassed about my body

You will learn to embrace the glorious person you already are.  Yoga is much much more than the physical body anyway, more than a system of bones and muscles, levers and hinges.  Flexibility of the mind and deciding to take the first step, having a willingness to learn and explore and of course, recognising one’s ability to love and share the love with others is what this beautiful discipline is about.  So, it really doesn’t matter whether you happen to be very inflexible or have a super bendy body.  Once you recognise your own restrictions and limitations you can work towards your optimal level of stability.


I can't touch my toes

We can improve flexibility and range of motion by retraining the nervous system to be quiet at deeper levels of stretch, improving the stretch tolerance.

What if I can't keep up?

As the focus is inwards and yoga is not a competitive sport, rest assured, you will be will be fine. You can rest whenever needed because we need to keep your body and mind safe.


I find it difficult to focus

You take things at your own pace, plus I am here to demonstrate or assist you to bring you back on track.

I'm too busy

Take some time out for yourself, away from you everyday concerns.  This time is for you to replenish your energy.  Life doesn't always go to plan so we can schedule sessions to accommodate your changing needs.


Suck it and see

Yoga will compliment other areas of your life and then hopefully become part of your daily routine, maybe with or without you even noticing - you will become more yogic in your thoughts and actions, a little kinder to yourself and others.


I find it difficult to focus

A regular practice in a safe environment going at your pace will enable you to absorb what you need , when you need it.

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