Image by Markus Spiske
Yoga for Athletes

A Fuelled by Yoga sports led yoga programme expands upon traditional yoga practices.


We work together to look at the mind and body connection in the context of your chosen activity, whether it be figure skating, football, running or something else altogether. 

I work with you to address any imbalances, dysfunctions or compensations may have arisen due to repetitive movements patterns of your sport. You may wish to try some breathing or meditative techniques to help with focus and external pressures, particularly useful if you are working at a competitive level. Maybe you want something restorative to counteract the stress or take the pressure off when not in training or performing.  It is a good way to focus on what you may need in the context of doing what you love.We are looking to optimise performance, reduce injury, aid recovery time and maximise longevity of career or practice. Therefore, I am working to help you become a better athlete rather than a 'yogi' per se. You may not even come near to a headstand - unless you want to of course.