Creating good habits takes a good dollop of self discipline, determination and strength of mind. I am here to help you stay INSPIRED and focused. 

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How can I help

By sharing the ancient practices of ayurveda and yoga

to create optimal health and wellbeing

For those who want to live a rich life filled with peace and happiness

What's Included with FBY?

Creating good habits takes a good dollop of self discipline, determination and strength of mind. FBY is here to help you stay inspired and focused.  By working on what you put into your body, what you take out and of course, your mindset you can learn to develop behaviours and actions which will serve your physical, mental and spiritual state of being throughout your life.

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Pranayama (Breathwork)

Helping yourself to breathe efficiently and learn about what is happening when you do.

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Meditations & Flows

Keep your options open with a full virtual library of classes, ranging from 5-minute meditations to 75 - minute yoga flows. Take your practice to the next level by participating in FBY online sessions.

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Yoga Asanas

Making sense of the posture. Detailed descriptions of a whole host of yoga poses, broken into bite-size pieces so you know why you are doing what you are doing on the mat and how to keep yourself safe.


Sequences and Stretches

Take your movement to the next level by participating in FBY sequences.  Hatha, vinyasa flows or something restorative, classes are suitable for everyone and are structured and varied enough for those with different levels of mobility, flexibility, fitness and strength and cater for newcomers to seasoned practioners.  There is something for everybody.  Movement guides are easy to follow as are instructions and helpful FBY hints.


Feed your Happy Place

Read positive uplifting quotes, snippets of inspirational information and book recommendations help to raise your vibration, building confidence and self belief. FBY whispers will fire up your belly and fuel your soul leaving you feeling on top of the world and raring to go.  Setting goals, expressing gratitude and activities to help you manifest the life you want because you are worth it.

Feed your Soul
Ever listened to a mind blowing piece of music or gazed upon a glorious sunrise?  These breathtaking moments are all around us in our everyday lives. It sometimes just takes a stillness of the mind to recognise them but when it happens you see the world in the glorious technicolour that it is. MEDITATION and clearing away the noise gives clarity and peace of mind, helping us to enjoy life fully.

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Myths & Mudras

Storytelling at its finest. Learn the myths surrounding some classic yoga poses and about the various positioning of the fingers and placement of the hands in yoga mudras.

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Feed your Body (Nutrition)

Fuelling your body through healthy food is a key component for great living. That's why at FBY we love to eat the rainbow in every meal, helping to nourish inside and out.

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Wake Up & Smell the Coffee

FBY helps you to join the dots in the mind-body-spirit connection. With the yoga toolkit, you can create the body and mindset you want, maximising your potential to have a rich and full life. 


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Essential Oils

Use therapeutic grade essential oils to calm, balance, invigorate and inspire.  I am a Wellness Advocate for Doterra oils.

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Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practices 

Working out how to live a healthy life according to your personality type.  Notice how you are feeling and what to do to bring your self back into balance. 

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Finding Your Voice

Harness your energy through music and chanting to channel your energy where you need it to go to feel good.

Gina brings so much more to the session than just going through the motions,

she tunes in to your way of thinking and quickly works out what your body is capable of  

- making you feel relaxed in yourself rather than pushing

you where you don't want to go.


On the whole I recommend her services to anyone that wants to cleanse their mind

as well as give their body a workout!  

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