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Work towards a richer, fuller life

through movement, meditation and breathing practices
There are many options when it comes to what you want to include in your yoga practice.

It comes down to finding what suits to best align with your individual needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to have a private class, attend a group online session, join together with other friends, start a programme of yoga based around your chosen sport or incorporating movement into your personalised Ayurvedic Lifestyle programme.  We can work together to find out what will be the right approach for you to get the results you want.



Modern yoga as it is known in the West, took off in the 1890's after Indian monks began to spread their knowledge to the Western world for the first time.


Whilst the original purpose of yoga asana (postures) is to physically prepare the body for meditation and spiritual enlightenment, these days people commonly understand yoga to facilitate health and wellbeing. 


But yoga is much more than movements made on a mat.  What you learn on the mat is for you to take off it into your daily life.

Yoga therefore may be considered to more of a work-in than a work-out.


  • Improved physical/mental health

  • Energy boost

  • Mindfulness

  • Calming and nourishing

  • Improved cognitive function

  • Efficient breathing

  • Increased strength and flexibility

  • Boosts mood

  • Weight management


Both sciences (of life and mind) help to raise our own consciousness and serve to foster harmony in the world. 


  • Might be too fast/too slow

  • Lack of co-ordination

  • Embarrassment

  • Anxiety about  keeping up

  • Too Inflexible

  • Difficulty with focus

  • Too busy

You may have concerns about starting a yoga practice but we can work together to allay those fears.

You are in the right place if...


You're Not Quite Sure Where to Start

You want to bring some movement into your life.  Perhaps you would like a flow class, more cardio to get the heart rate up or something a little softer and restorative, maybe you would like more flexibility and stability or would like to add a yoga practice to other activities or sports that you do already.  You would like to make changes to your health and wellbeing but are not quite sure where to start. 


Practice According to Your Existing Lifestyle

You are not sure whether you want to dip a toe and try out a class or maybe want to develop a regular practice a few times a week.  Let me know what you are looking to achieve from your practice and I will be able to provide your with advice and guidance as to the best course of action for you in the context of your goals and lifestyle.  



You are busy and believe you don't have time to fit yourself even though you think you should.  Once you start a yoga practice you may well discover the many benefits of it - not only physical but mental and spiritual.​​​  A little and often is a good starting point.


More than movements on a mat

You want something extra to help deepen your knowledge and experience of yoga.  This is where asana+ comes in. In my classes you will learn not only the yoga postures themselves but also aspects of the history of yoga including philosophy, myths, mudras and chanting and have instruction on breathing techniques, anatomy and receive alignment cues and assists.

Styles of Yoga I Teach

Find a Style of Yoga You Love and Stick to it.....
or Mix and Match as the Mood Suits

FBY yoga practices includes meditations, mudras, myths and pranayama (breathwork)

  • A yoga class described as ‘Hatha’ will typically involve a set of physical postures (yoga poses) and breathing techniques.  All yoga(s) stem from hatha.
  • Esoterically 'ha' represents the sun and 'tha' represents the moon. However, hatha also means ‘force’ so although postures are practised more slowly with more static holds than say vinyasa flow or ashtanga, it means you can still challenge yourself. 
  • Hatha yoga may include:
  • ​​yoga postures (asana)
  • breathwork (pranayama)
  • chanting (mantra)
  • symbolic or ritual gestures/poses (mudras)
  • cleansing techniques and visualisations shatkriyas and shatkarmas).



  • If you fancy more flow than staying still then vinyasa classes may be just the ticket.  Vinyasa yoga gives you the opportunity to flow through poses using your breath as a metronome. Faster vinyasas enable you to turn up the dial and you know you have had a workout.  

  • Slow vinyasa can be a therapeutic dance of moving meditation, where poses can be refined and strengthened. It allows you the to create space for a reflective pause and time to go inwards.

  • My unique and creative slow or more dynamic vinyasa sequences with varied pace, asanas, intensity and transitions help keep you engaged and focused. This enables you to to direct and re-direct energies for greater health and wellbeing.

  • Lessons are structured around strength, flexibility and mobility, utilising the breath to guide the body.  The steady cycle of (ujayyi) breath for example, provides a calming, mental focal point whilst moving the body in a continuous flow has a cardiovascular benefit of added internal heat.  

  • We focus on certain areas of the body such as backbends, hip openers, the spine and/or incorporate specific aspects of yoga philosophy into the practice e.g. turning attention to the subtle body and to chakras and to the energetic and muscular locks of the bandhas.  

  • Slow or fast, regular vinyasa is a great workout for your body.


  • With restorative yoga, the postures (asanas) are held for a longer period than in conventional yoga and, coupled with deep, nourishing breathing - helps to elicit the relaxation response.
  • Props such as folded blankets or bolsters are used to fully support the body.
  • By taking your foot off the pedal restorative yoga enables you reach a state of complete relaxation by  activating the parasympathetic nervous system, slowing the heart rate and increasing blood flow to vital organs
  • This in turns helps the body to rest and restore balance and thus feel replenished.
  • It helps to reduce and release stress and it is a great way to  pause in an otherwise busy non-stop day.
  • Sometimes there is a slight confusion between yin yoga and restorative yoga as both styles use props.  However in yin yoga the focus is on using props to deepen or ease the stretch (mostly of the connective tissues). In restorative yoga the focus is on the release of mind-body tension and in particular aims to bring the nervous system into a state of healing.   Either way yin and restorative yoga are a great complement to yang yoga (the more traditional hatha or ashtanga based asana practice that develops muscular strength, stamina, and flexibility).


  • Gentle yoga is just the ticket if you enjoy restful, longer held poses and would like to practice deep breathing to still the mind. You are looking to enhance your mood and boost immunity (which improves the capacity for healing and balancing).  Gentle yoga poses are a great antidote to an active lifestyle or when you want to give yourself that extra special bit of care. 
  • The want to find the space and stillness which comes from gentle yoga, being mindful and taking the foot off the pedal gives you the opportunity to think about how you are feeling and moving.
  • You would like to take it nice and slowly, marrying each movement with your breath and holding your body in correct alignment which means creating good form.     
  • You like a reflective pace, perhaps you are recovering from illness or injury or those simply you wish to stay mobile, including the older cohort.


  • Hot yoga offers a wide variety of benefits for both your mind and body. It can help you burn calories, build bone density, boost your cardiovascular fitness, and improve your flexibility.
  • Feel great, sweat out some toxins and breath in a rhythmical manner to make yourself feel invigorated and inspired. 
  • Working out in an environment where the muscles are warmed may also enable you to get deeper into the stretches.
  • So if you like the heat, come along to class.  Bring a towel and some water though as temperatures can rise to 40 degrees+
Find me at the FeelWellbeing Studio in Watford on Wednesday mornings 9.45am to 11.00am for 75 minutes of vinyasa flow in a heated environment. 

Also look out for my name when I cover teach for other classes here and in our studios at FeelWellbeing in St Albans and HotYoga Essex.

My Yoga Students

Love the idea of starting a meditation practice, but don’t know how or where to begin?


You may have concerns about starting a meditation practice but try it and enjoy the benefits

Time constraints - fidgety - too busy - too many thoughts - difficulty focusing


  • Increases empathy

  • Increases optimism, happiness and faith

  • Increases compassion and kindness

  • Increases creativity

  • Cultivates inner connection

  • Deepens self-knowledge

  • Heightens divine insight