F U E L L E D by Y O G A
'for the fire in your belly'
'Fire up your health and happiness' (take your pick)




Energy Boost

The synergy of body and breath work provides a boost which may be needed when energy reserves are running low in our busy lives.  

The variation of poses help to awaken the main energy centres (chakras) in the body allowing energy to circulate more freely throughout the body.

Strength & Flexibility

Yoga combines cardio, functional and strength training and aids all round fitness in a holistic, safe and peaceful way. Yoga stretches and tones the muscles of the body.  By encouraging correct body alignment, yoga provides relief from aches and pains.


Yoga helps to focus attention to sensations, thoughts and emotions bringing stillness to a wandering mind.  By drawing oneself inwards one may experience calmness and relaxation and consequently less stress and anxiety.  With this awareness comes higher levels of energy and enthusiasm, more self-confidence and self-acceptance.



Yoga can improve your mood by boosting the hormone serotonin in your body.  Simply put, yoga can make you feel happier.

The process of observing the breath enables aids mental stability, improved concentration and clarity of thought.  An organised, decluttered, peaceful clear mind allows us to think more freely helping us to feel refreshed and content. 

Efficient Breathing


the Mind

Weight Management

Heart rate variability (HRV) can be better regulated through a regular practice of yoga asanas, meditation and breathing techniques.  If the heart rate is lower, the body can respond to stress in a more flexible way.  


Whilst calming the body and mind contributes to better sleep especially in certain poses.

Yoga aids weight loss by fuelling the metabolic system thus helping to burn fat.  By restoring hormonal balance to your body, yoga serves to normalise body weight. By lowering levels of cortisol (the hormone that is released in response to stress and low blood-glucose concentration) yoga strengthens the overall mind-body connection 


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