Image by Ashley Batz

If you fancy more flow than staying still then vinyasa classes may be just the ticket.  Vinyasa yoga gives you the opportunity to flow through poses using your breath as a metronome. Faster vinyasas enable you to turn up the dial and you know you have had a workout.  Slow vinyasa can be a therapeutic dance of moving meditation, where poses can be refined and strengthened. It allows you the to create space for a reflective pause and time to go inwards. My unique and creative slow or more dynamic vinyasa sequences with varied pace, asanas, intensity and transitions help keep you engaged and focused. This enables you to to direct and re-direct energies for greater health and wellbeing. Lessons are structured around strength, flexibility and mobility, utilising the breath to guide the body.  The steady cycle of (ujayyi) breath for example, provides a calming, mental focal point whilst moving the body in a continuous flow has a cardiovascular benefit of added internal heat.  


We focus on certain areas of the body such as backbends, hip openers, the spine and/or incorporate specific aspects of yoga philosophy into the practice e.g. turning attention to the subtle body and to chakras and to the energetic and muscular locks of the bandhas.  


Slow or fast, regular vinyasa is a great workout for your body.