Let's get started.....

How the five elements show up in your body is the first step in any Ayurvedic journey.

In this introductory consultation, you will discover your unique dosha (mind-body type) and begin to understand Ayurveda principles as it pertains specifically to you.

First we will identify your Prakriti (mind-body blueprint from birth). And then from there we identify your Vikruti (the current state of your mind-body type), which helps us understand where there may be imbalances.

This then serves as a basis for you to tailor Ayurvedic wisdom to your needs.

Schedule your consultation + fill out intake forms

Please register.  I will then send you a series of intake documents for you to complete and return back to me.  We can then arrange a suitable time for your online consultation.



During our first meeting I will review your forms and share information about your dosha (personality) suggesting Ayurvedic practices to help address your intentions..  This is time for you to come with questions and any concerns even.  I am a Social Anthropologist also, so enjoy hearing people's real life stories.    Infact,  the more you can tell me the more support I am able to offer you on your journey to optimal health and wellbeing.


You’ll start your Ayurvedic well-being journey

Leave with a greater understanding of your dosha, and 1-3 suggestions to support your well-being intentions right away.

Pricing + Logistics

All consultations are 90-minutes in length and take place via Zoom video sessions.