Image by Hilary Hahn

Your 6 week programme

This programme is wholly about you.   Using ayurvedic practices you can help to bring your life back into balance if it's a little off key.  Using food as fuel, movement as vitality, meditation to calm and restore.  You have it in you already you just need to reveal it.


What to eat for your dosha (take a personality assessment) to bring your life back into balance.

Moving Your Body

Moving the body physically lights up the energy power from within and has benefits

Increased stamina, strength and flexibility.

Increased co-ordination

Increased blood circulation and oxygen supply to cells and tissues.

More restful, sound sleep.

Balanced hormones.

Stress reduction, mood stability, lower incidence of depression.

Higher self-esteem and sense of well-being.

Increased muscle tone and bone health.

Release of brain chemicals (endorphins) that act as natural mood lifters and pain relievers.

Decreased food cravings.

Decreased blood sugar levels and risk for diabetes.

Ideal weight distribution and management.

Increased brain health, sharper memory, lower risk for dementia.

Increased heart health, lower risk for cardiovascular disease.

Decreased inflammation and risk for age-related disease, including cancer.

Increased energy and productivity.

Increased longevity and happiness.